Learn How PEMF Therapy Works

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy emits a 3-D magnetic field into your body to produce extraordinary results.

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Exceptional Benefits for Your Body

  • Harmonic impulses resonate the entire cell membrane generating faster results
  • Cells reenergize by inducing electrical changes, helping your body restore the cell to a more normal state
  • Cellular metabolism can be boosted, blood cells can be regenerated, circulation can be improved, and oxygen capacity can be increased
  • Your immune system can become healthier, your nervous system can relax, your bones and joints can become stronger, and your body may begin detoxing
  • Research has proven faster neurological, physiological, and psychological benefits
  • Even after years of discomfort, you will see positive results

Turbocharge Your Body’s Functions

Your cells can change sodium back to potassium as documented in a US Army study. Red blood cells will separate within minutes, allowing more surface area to transport oxygen. There’s a systemic response as if your body’s functions have been fine-tuned or turbocharged. Many of your problems will get better and your wounds will heal faster.

Improve the Life Cycle of Your Cells

Every cell in our body eventually dies and is replaced with new cells. This is the cycle of life. Regular use of PEMF can help you keep the cycle running like it should and maintain your health.

“Effective, safe, and inexpensive care,
PEMF is a paradigm changer when it comes to improving the human condition.
It is the ‘missing link’ to life.”

– Dr. Kim Shunkwiler

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