Finance Your New PEMF Device

Pulse4Life, Inc has convenient financing options to help you on your path to better health. Follow the links below for lease information, or apply for a credit card to pay for your P4L.

Consumer and Commercial Leasing

Consumer lease
Business lease

Comerica Bank Credit Card

Call Comerica Bank to apply for an unsecured $7,250 credit card to pay for your P4L.

Simply call 800-292-1300 and hit keys 1-1-1 to speak to a representative. Tell him or her you would like to apply for a credit card to purchase the Pulse 4 Life PEMF unit. (Request $6,995)

You may qualify for 0% interest for up to 12 months based on your credit score. After 12 months, the normal interest rate will apply to the balance.

Your minimum monthly payment is only 1% of the balance or $30, whichever is more. For example, on a $6,995 balance, your monthly minimum is only $69.95.

After you have been approved, the bank will mail you the credit card. Make sure you request expedited 2-day shipping for your card. ($15-$20)

When your credit card arrives, go back to this site and go to our products page to place your order using the new credit card to pay for it.

Nothing goes on your card until after we process the order!

It is possible to get an instant decision. If not, the bank will let you know within 48 hours, but it can happen much quicker.

To check on the status of your approval or request a higher credit line review, call 800-364-9648 and follow the prompts.

Contact us today for more information. Ask us about our reseller options!

“…regular use of PEMF can help keep the life cycle running smoothly.”

– Dr. Kim Shunkwiler

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