Research Has Shown

– Improves Athletic Performance

– Reduces Inflammation

– Stimulates Cell Metabolism

– Faster Recovery From Injury

– Non-Invasive

– 100% Natural To The Body

– Safe For ALL Ages

Welcome to Pulse4Life

Are you looking for effective treatment of your health concerns but prefer an all-natural alternative? At Pulse4Life, Inc, we offer state-of-the-art PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) devices that harness the power of magnetic fields to bring you pain relief and speed up your healing process.

Our company has over a decade of experience working with this proven product. Let us help improve your health with PEMF technology!

Top professional trainers and athletes in the NFL, NBA, and MLB are using PEMF in their training rooms and YOU CAN, TOO!


Health Conditions

Are you suffering from a serious health condition? Are the standard treatment methods not helping? Experience the healing and pain relief you deserve with a PEMF device from Pulse4Life. Both minor and major conditions can be treated!


Our education section offers up information about the science behind magnetic therapy. It’s also a place where you can determine a realistic timeline for your specific healing process.

PEMF for Equine Use and Smaller Animals

PEMF technology has shown amazing results in the treatment of pain in horses and other animals. The variety of benefits includes damaged tissue regeneration, improved circulation, and increased oxygen absorption at the cellular level.


PULSE4LIFE is making NO medical or purported medical claims, no diagnosis, promises of results, or a “treatment” or “cure” is being represented, made, promised or promoted by the manufacturer whatsoever. No medical advice, instruction, or information whatsoever has been or will be given by the manufacturer. This section is for informational purposes only. Individual results may vary. Please consult your Physician before using this, or any other related product.

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